Visiting Porto

Porto is increasingly being recommended as a tourist destination. Tales of treasured experiences are featured in newspapers, magazines and on online sites across the world. It has also been awarded for the third time, European best Destination 2017.


Portugal´s second biggest city with an area of 45km2 and population of about 240 thousand, It isn´t so much known for its size, but rather for what makes it so different from other destinations: the warmth of its people and its ability to both surprise and excite. It is known as the capital of the North and its Historic Centre has been classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.


In Porto, you´ll find constant diversity and unpredictable contrasts that are fascinating to discover. It is a place caught between past and present; urban mingled with river, sea and fresh air; tradition crossed with innovation; antiquity mixed with modernity.


Whilst maintaining its welcoming and conservative nature, the city is, at the same time, contemporary and creative.


Port wine is present in the city in a multitude of forms and sensations: you can get to know it and try it, but never ignore it or forget it. The Port Wine Cellars are the perfect spot to get in touch with this national drink and its history. They offer the public the opportunity of tasting this precious nectar, while explaining its course over the ages, the region where it is produced and the way it is made.


Having witnessed a long history of cultural ebbs, flows and eddies caused by successive waves of occupation, and often surrounded and invaded, but always remaining Invicta (unbowed), the city of Porto is really a living heritage, one that regenerates and reinvents itself, whilst maintaining its core character, grounded in granite and, thus, unshakeable.


Temperate maritime climate, with a mild summer and temperatures from 15 ºC to 25 ºC, occasionally reaching 35 ºC between July and September. Autumn and winter are typically windy, rainy and cool, with temperatures from 5 ºC to 14 ºC.





Owing to the extensive access network, you can get to the city easily by plane, bus, car, boat, train or metro and, once there, get around the city using public transport, by your own car or rental car.


Porto´s geographic location is superb and is complemented by a modern communication network.


Porto´s metro service has 6 lines, which link the suburbs to the city center and run from 06:00 until 01:00 every day.





One of the best in Europe, serving 5 to 10 million passengers.


The city benefits from having the airport situated 11km from the center, with direct access via metro. It has won awards for its modern infrastructure and is equipped to accommodate the large influx of those travelling through the airports.


All major companies’ flight to Porto, you can search in the link below.




Accommodation :


There are a lot of hotels, hostels in Porto, and you can search offers of Airbnb in the city center. Porto has a lot of events in the summer, so remember to book with time.


ICBAS – University, Porto




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