How to become a member

Association members can be any natural person:


Ordinary Member: a doctor of veterinary medicine or physical therapist with as university degree and active interest in physical therapy and rehabilitation. Ordinary members will be entitled to full access to all information and a right to vote.

Associate Members: individuals from the area of veterinary services (technician, nurse, etc.) and physical therapist whose scope of work includes veterinary physical therapy and rehabilitation, and any other interested person who accepts the aims and purposes of the association. Associate members will be entitled to full access to information, but shall not be entitled to vote.

Student Member: University student, who accepts the aims and purposes of the association, shall not be entitled to vote.

Honorary member: selected by the Board, a teacher, scientist or any other person with special contribution to the work of association and field of veterinary rehabilitation.

Membership is granted by the Governing Board.


Membership is active after inscription in the Register of Members which is lead by the Secretary of the Association.


Assembly of the association determines the amount of annual membership dues.

Membership type and fee:


Ordinary members: 60 €

Associate members: 30 €


All applicants should include the information about education and work in the field of veterinary physical therapy and rehabilitation in their CV.


Applications will be submitted to the Committee for review and final approval.




Banc account:

Bank: Zagrebačka banka, Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 10, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia


Account number: 1102141647

IBAN: HR4223600001102141647


Membership registration

If you want to become a VEPRA member, please use the form!

If you apply for a membership please consider that you must send a CV! PLEASE SEND THE FORM AND THE CV PER MAIL TO :

Registration form.pdf
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